Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 21, 2013

Name Badge Marketing

A successful Realtor is always looking for ways of marketing themselves, and make them stand out beyond their competition. I have to admit, with fast approaching the beginning of my 14th yr in the business, that my name badge carries its weight in gold!

It amazes me that people will strain their eyes to see what it says! After determining the result of their straining, they might possibly strike up a conversation related to it and a lead is born! I treat it as part of my anatomy, much like my cell phone- LOL

It also amazes me how many Realtors don’t take advantage of this simple technique. The costs of this form of marketing = 0! I guess, if I had to say the downfall of it, it would be when I’m in a retail store, consumers might think I’m part of their staff and ask me about a certain something there! Doesn’t bother me though as we all us Realtors know- networking and socializing is all part of our daily lives in the world of buying and selling homes…..

Have a great Memorial Day!


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