Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 17, 2013

But, I’m not in a hurry

Ah Yes, I met a new Buyer recently that once again uttered that famous line- “I’m not in a hurry.” It used to be I would take that literally and expect the timing to locate something to be elongated.
Experience has taught me though, most times, the “not in a hurry line” means absolutely nothing. I just chalk it up to a buyer not wanting to be pressured into a quick sale and I can respect that, as I am not high presssure anyway.
I do find it comical just the same, as sometimes the first time out with the Client(s), we find a property for them that they have an interest in. They start asking all the questions indicating that an offer submission, could be a possibility!
Of course, timimg is everything in real estate as is location, loction, location. Put the right timing together with the right home and the “hurriness” does not seem like an issue anymore!


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