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Home Buying- 1st step

Ok, so you have made the plans of purchasing a home, maybe tired of paying rent, maybe tired of living @ home, or maybe it’s just time!

A little vision ahead can be a positive thing…….a Down payment is crucial,of course. How do u set aside $ for a down payment, though? Well, there again, a future “look ahead” is smart.

Deadlines are a serious requirement for any goal to be achieved. Set your time frame on paper and STICK to it. Create an account in a bank designated solely for your monies to purchase. Just like a vacation fund, swear jar, or savings account, it is for that reason only.

Maybe take an overall look at your finances to begin with. High credit card interests, see if refi is possible/ small card amounts that could be pd off- to direct those monthly pays , to the Down Payment Account-

Automatic deductions from your account can be a way of “out of sight, out of mind” course of saving. IRA? some offer first time home buyer benefits- good to look into.

Crazy, fun ways to “pack away” $ could be- instead of buying the 4-5 dollar cup of coffee, go to the dollar per cup place….pack a lunch instead of visiting the local restaurant…. utilize coupons….. buy things in qty to save- there are several options.

Make a game of it between you and your significant other, who can find the more clever ways. Remember every thought is just a thought, unless an effort on that thought is put into action!                                             

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Home Buying psycology

In a recent video based on NAR statistics, the biggest fear with first time buyers was the paperwork involved in doing so. I for one, would have never thought-

Having that implemented in my mind, I thought I would pass on some thoughts I have in being a Realtor, on the psyche of a potential buyer, and suggestions to possibly ease the anxiety.

  • accept that buying a home is a big commitment and a little stress in the process is inevitable
  • there is really no “right time” to buy, awaiting price drops, interest rate changes, may cause an outcome not desirable to the buyer on the desired home
  • Select a Realtor that coincides/compliments  your personality because u need to feel comfortable
  • Factor in costs of maintenence and upcoming upgrades when home choosing
  • After viewing several homes, whether 4 or 15 in quantity, u will know the right one when you enter it

Remember that no existing home is PERFECT, u will need to critique it to your specs, with the exception of building New

Have a wonderful 4th of July & Enjoy the independence of a Great Country, where the American Dream =Home Ownership!

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The thought came across my mind the other day about how the topic of this blog is sometimes lost in this crazy world we live in. For instance, when we meet someone and say “How are You?” do we really listen to the reply?

Or “have a great day!” do we mean this in sincerity or do we just say it? I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes in this hurry up, multi tasking society we reside in, that it escapes me.

Being a Realtor, and living out of our cars, it gives us lots of time to think, being on the road, between appointments, so forgive me if this sounds a little strange/ I just have the mindset that if I am thinking of this, might be a possibility of someone else? and if not thought of b4, that this might be thought provoking.

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen Covey-

In Sales, it’s always indicated thru speakers that I go to, we have one mouth and 2 ears for a reason!/LOL /cliche- but true!

Have a great weekend!                 

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Real Estate is a contact sport.


The other day in the office/ one of my co-agents said these words. Funny, I never heard in all the 14 yrs of doing this, this expression!

Boy, aint it the truth though! Case in point, just a few happenings as of late to me that proves the theory. 

  • I always make it a point to wear my name plate everday, and getting gas recently, the attendent in the store spotted it and asked about my services as he was looking for investments
  • a week or so ago I attended a grad party and one of the guests that I hadn’t seen in a while indicated he was going to begin his search again as he was getting married next yr. 
  • I advertise in the local paper and in a trip to Ocean State Job Lot the person in front of me said “you’re the guy I see in the paper- arent u a Realtor?” 

 This Profession is a unique one to say the least-and any Good Realtor  will tell u it’s an enjoyable one…..and I am truly grateful and as the saying goes, find what u love to do  and you will never have to WORK another day in your life–                


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Can your Attitude really make a difference?

In a closing yesterday, I experienced one of the happiest #Buyers I have ever had the opportunity to work with! She was estatic that on her final document sign, she was a homeowner-  🙂 

This excitment rubbed off on everyone in the room…..and even with the heavy rain occuring outside, the happiness in that moment, far exceeded any “dampness” that could have developed! 

This just reinforced my belief in that a positive attitude at all times, whether internal or  experienced external, can have amazing effects. Life is full of unknowns and challenges. The best way to handle these is with a positive outlook. It’s easier on the soul and has greater consequences on all involved. 

Happy #Father’s Day to all Dads out there! Enjoy your day and be thankful of your blessings!  I know I am!        

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10 quick tips about first time buyers

homebuyerRealtors tend to work with all kinds of buyers, but probably the most prominent is First Time Buyers. I personally enjoy this type of buyer the most, I have to say! Below based on my experience are some thoughts-

  • They are in need of a thorough explanation of the process
  • They sometimes can get frustrated with the process, whether it be searching for their home or experiencing the transaction
  • Quantity of homes on their list they want to look at can sometimes be NUMEROUS! lol
  • Trust in their Realtor is huge
  • Realtors have to be considerate of the Mom & Dad accompaniment on showings and sometimes the offering process
  • Financial concerns are usually their biggest, and understandably so
  • Their time consumed looking at individual homes (time spent at ea one) are usually lengthier than other types of buyers
  • Sometimes, “pulling the trigger” to offer can be not so easy
  • Inspections performed after an accepted offer, usually provoke many questions during the process

Lastly, Since most First time buyers are of Generation Y/ they prefer texting as a way of communication.

What a great feeling as a Realtor to assist this type of Purchasers and get them into their home of choice!                    

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Is it more difficult now, to get a mortgage?


This question has been poised to Realtors, more so in recent yrs, since the happening of the mortgage crisis a while back. I always concur that yes, the lenders are more scrutinizing, but then again shouldn’t they b?

Clients are getting mortgage money to purchase, and the hearsay of that is not true is, exactly that- hearsay. 640 credit score is the norm although there are some programs out there, I believe, that will go down to 580. 100% financing programs are still available, again, as I have heard thru conversations that people believe they r no more.

I will admit that the banks are asking for info on purchasers that they never did before, some (to my opinion) ridiculous requests, but necessary to obtain the loan. So, Buyers, or potential Buyers, with interest rates still low- b advised that the American Dream of home ownership is possible.

With Rents at an average of $1200 (in my local area) per month,and not seeing these rental costs lowering,  it is crazy not to consider buying…….

Have a Great Sunday!        

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But I NEED to sell it for ……..


We have all had the experience of a combating a seller on the correct List price of their home. They think its worth X and you show them the comparative sales in the area depicting a value of Y. 

Being in the business for over 13 yrs, I have recently run across my FIRST listing that I really need to very seriously think, if I want to service. It’s not like a Realtor to give up easy, and I am certainly one that fits into that category. 

Sellers will say that I NEED to get “this much” out of the sale of their home. The problem is that the needdoes not sometimes jive with true Appraised or market value. 

A Listing Price can be any amount, but if a Seller is realistic and level headed, and they WANT to sell- it has to be put on the mkt at a value similar to other sales, plain and simple.

The hottest part of a new listing is the first 21 days/if it comes out of the gate to high,then it stands the chance of becoming a Stale Listing. Sellers must realize,Realtors are commission sales based on a % so why wouldn’t we list it as high as we could?….. to sound selfish-

In Summary–Like the Kenny Rogers song “You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and know when to RUN.”

Wishing everyone a great Friday & Weekend!                




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Tempus Fugit

A Latin expression meaning “time flees” or more commonly know as “time flies.” This topic came to mind this past week as I married off my Daughter at the ripe age of 25- it is a memory that will be with me for the rest of my natural life!

I think where did 25 yrs go? Funny when u think, a quarter of a century, sounds like a loooong time/but realty is, that it’s quite the opposite. I went on a listing appointment this week and the seller indicated to me that he was 50 and was not “wasting” time anymore, as he has a different path planned for the beginning of the second 1/2 century of his life.

With technology these days, we all have conveniences at our fingertips to pack more and more into our daily lives. But, does this make our hrs go by quicker? I would bet to think not ,and that pre high technology lifestyles, went by just as quick. 

Realtors will be the first to tell you about time flying as many work a high qty of hrs. Within this profession, we also see in the lives we assist in buying and selling, how weeks……… yrs slip by thru life changing events such as divorces, downsizing because of children grown and gone, & relocation of residences that are a hard fact of life to a widow or widower. 

Life is a precious gift /we should live everyday to its fullest. Be Happy, and treat others as u would like to be treated. 





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To do or not to do Open Houses

One of the age old questions in real estate is can an #Open House be beneficial to selling a home that a realtor has listed? My position as a 14 yr “veteran” as they say, is YES. Does it happen often/ no….but-

A #realtor‘s responsibility to their#Seller is to expose the home to as many potential Buyers, in the event to locate that one, that decides to put pen to paper and write-up an offer. In today’s technological world, when an #Open House is put in a newspaper, it also is syndicated to many websites, so it may catch the interest of a possible Client.

It also opens a neutral territory for a Customer & Real Estate agent where they can meet face to face. A potential Buyer can evaluate the Realtor as  a possible Buyer Rep for them if in fact they don’t have one at the time. Or the other side of the coin, a Customer may be looking to size up a realtor to list their home as well.

This 2 hr, commonly on Sunday event, may just pull in the potential Buyer that sees the sign on the corner, the one that had no intention in their day to look at a possible next residence. Maybe, the attendees at the Open know someone who is looking for a home comparable? if it’s not for them-

Reasoning on whether yes or no to Opens, could go on and on. Bottom line and simple, it’s another avenue of getting the home in front of a buyer!

Spring mkt is HOT! Have a great week-                        

























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