Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 20, 2015

365 days and Real Estate

As we are into Mid Jan already-I have been reflecting on my Real Estate yr. and ups/downs of it.

10 Bullet items that I found important:

  • don’t give up no matter what the problem is / case in point, I was ready to throw the towel in with a buyer client, after mutiple viewings of homes,but I stuck it out, and the the next home we put the offer in and eureka! just closed it last week.
  • always put your Clients  well being/ wallet b4  your own- I have always had this philosophy and its worked! Zig Ziglar”just help enough people get what they want and u will get what u want”
  • Exercise is important to keep the mind clear of cobwebs and juggle all that is needed in the profession
  • Be willing  go the “extra mile” sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn’t, but,either way, people will appreciate the effort
  • quick response is a neccesity
  • organization is key
  • always keep an open mind to try new things
  • pause at times to evaluate what your are doing in the biz to see if it works(I’m guilty of this big time) as opposed to keep trudging along without assessment
  • Past Client contact/interaction is vital

& Realize that u never know where your next tranaction may derive from!


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