Posted by: kgreenrealestate | August 8, 2014

Connecticut Housing Market Snapshot

In a recent newsletter supplied by Berkshire Hathaway- I found the info there interesting and thought I would share-

Litchfield County-home sale prices up 18.5 % over last yr

Fairfield County-again, sale prices are up 7.8 %

Hartford County-ironically, sale price had same surge of 7.8%

Middlesex County-increase of 16.5% in NUMBER of sales and an increase of 27.3 % total dollar volume

New Haven County-total dollar vol DOWN 3.7 %

New London County-total dollar volume up 9.3 %

Tolland County-total dollar vol up 6% / avg sales price up 1.5 %

Windham County-avg price up 2.9%

all in all, CT seems to be doing pretty well from 2013

other facts:

  • 43 % of CT mkt is 1st time buyer
  • 56% use smart phone for searches
  • 87-89% use a Realtor

& 45% attend Open Houses!

I’d be curious to see how other parts of the country are fairing?? Have a great weekend!                      

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