Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 30, 2014

Is there money to be made in flips?

In the current real estate mkt, Realtors get approached many times with this question.Auction property, Foreclosures, bank owned, REO(real estate owned),short sales are all out there. 

An investor and or his/her Agent need to do their due diligence to see if the numbers work. My general opinion is that there are opportunities but they are not as plentiful as one might think. My area is Central CT so it might in fact be different outside of that. 

Of course, it is all from point of view, too. One investor/contractor may think $20000 profit over 6-9 months is a good investment, others may not. Ironically, I was just speaking with someone on the ph while writing this, about a bank return investment is 0 or close to it, so it makes sense to look for other  good ROI’s.

Another opportunity in the mkt is fixing homes and renting out. With the current rental mkt being as HOT as it is, this seems to be a viable option. Takes longer obviously for a return on your monies, but may be more feasible, if in fact in an area that will not provide a desire able profit but may do so in the future! HAPPY INVESTING!                                                                                                                         

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