Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 24, 2014

Social Media & Real Estate



In the many avenues of marketing a Listing for Mr & Mrs Seller, or marketing in general for an Agent, certainly the revolution of Social Media is a very viable option.

I will offer my tactics and would welcome ideas or suggestions from other professionals, out there.

FB, open house annoucements are probably #1/ but based on a suggestion by a good friend realtor, I try to make the annoucements unique as opposed to/ OPEN HOUSE: stats and pic(s). Just seems more inviting when I put thought into it to obtain the uniqueness

Pinterest, being “the picture is worth 1000 words” site certainly is an arsenal in mkting, although I have to admit, I probably don’t utilize to it’s full capability.

Instagram, I tried to use to express that yes I am a #Realtor, but also have other interests, and # r a great way of connecting thru social, on particular topics or wording.

Twitter, a site I use to just converse with like minded Realtors, consumers, general public, great source of info in general. Also, I will send out a link in a tweet to allow someone to see a property flyer, usually.

Linked in, Probably the best site to “link” to other Professionals in various industries. Group joining has proven to be a strong ally.

I am a serious fan of Gary Vaynerchuk, and watch his videos faithfully, to keep on top of his thoughts on the topic, and I would suggest anyone to do the same……              

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