Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 12, 2014

Closing Gifts/ yes or no

The ending with a successful transaction comes the ever famous Closing. Realtors have the option to Thank their Client by a Handshake or a Hug given the circumstance of the relationship. Most Professionals take the opportunity to give a closing gift at this time to show their token of appreciation for the business. I have to b honest and say for some time I got away from doing the latter, for what reason, I honestly can’t say. Recently I have re initiated the typical happening of gift giving. I must admit it is a great feeling to do so, in picking out that present that will assist your client in the next part of their Life. Whether it be Home Depot credit, a bottle of wine, or a restaurant gift card for a relaxing night out, it is always appreciated by the client! Let’s face the fact that as realtors, there are many of us out there to choose from, and to be the one that has started assisting someone to achieve their goals, is truly something to be thankful for. I would welcome thoughts from other Professionals on their outlook on this topic……. 🙂 Mid July already! Have a great weekend!!

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