Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 7, 2014

Home Buying- 1st step

Ok, so you have made the plans of purchasing a home, maybe tired of paying rent, maybe tired of living @ home, or maybe it’s just time!

A little vision ahead can be a positive thing…….a Down payment is crucial,of course. How do u set aside $ for a down payment, though? Well, there again, a future “look ahead” is smart.

Deadlines are a serious requirement for any goal to be achieved. Set your time frame on paper and STICK to it. Create an account in a bank designated solely for your monies to purchase. Just like a vacation fund, swear jar, or savings account, it is for that reason only.

Maybe take an overall look at your finances to begin with. High credit card interests, see if refi is possible/ small card amounts that could be pd off- to direct those monthly pays , to the Down Payment Account-

Automatic deductions from your account can be a way of “out of sight, out of mind” course of saving. IRA? some offer first time home buyer benefits- good to look into.

Crazy, fun ways to “pack away” $ could be- instead of buying the 4-5 dollar cup of coffee, go to the dollar per cup place….pack a lunch instead of visiting the local restaurant…. utilize coupons….. buy things in qty to save- there are several options.

Make a game of it between you and your significant other, who can find the more clever ways. Remember every thought is just a thought, unless an effort on that thought is put into action!                                             

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