Posted by: kgreenrealestate | July 3, 2014

Home Buying psycology

In a recent video based on NAR statistics, the biggest fear with first time buyers was the paperwork involved in doing so. I for one, would have never thought-

Having that implemented in my mind, I thought I would pass on some thoughts I have in being a Realtor, on the psyche of a potential buyer, and suggestions to possibly ease the anxiety.

  • accept that buying a home is a big commitment and a little stress in the process is inevitable
  • there is really no “right time” to buy, awaiting price drops, interest rate changes, may cause an outcome not desirable to the buyer on the desired home
  • Select a Realtor that coincides/compliments  your personality because u need to feel comfortable
  • Factor in costs of maintenence and upcoming upgrades when home choosing
  • After viewing several homes, whether 4 or 15 in quantity, u will know the right one when you enter it

Remember that no existing home is PERFECT, u will need to critique it to your specs, with the exception of building New

Have a wonderful 4th of July & Enjoy the independence of a Great Country, where the American Dream =Home Ownership!


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