Posted by: kgreenrealestate | June 23, 2014

Real Estate is a contact sport.


The other day in the office/ one of my co-agents said these words. Funny, I never heard in all the 14 yrs of doing this, this expression!

Boy, aint it the truth though! Case in point, just a few happenings as of late to me that proves the theory. 

  • I always make it a point to wear my name plate everday, and getting gas recently, the attendent in the store spotted it and asked about my services as he was looking for investments
  • a week or so ago I attended a grad party and one of the guests that I hadn’t seen in a while indicated he was going to begin his search again as he was getting married next yr. 
  • I advertise in the local paper and in a trip to Ocean State Job Lot the person in front of me said “you’re the guy I see in the paper- arent u a Realtor?” 

 This Profession is a unique one to say the least-and any Good Realtor  will tell u it’s an enjoyable one…..and I am truly grateful and as the saying goes, find what u love to do  and you will never have to WORK another day in your life–                



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