Posted by: kgreenrealestate | June 13, 2014

10 quick tips about first time buyers

homebuyerRealtors tend to work with all kinds of buyers, but probably the most prominent is First Time Buyers. I personally enjoy this type of buyer the most, I have to say! Below based on my experience are some thoughts-

  • They are in need of a thorough explanation of the process
  • They sometimes can get frustrated with the process, whether it be searching for their home or experiencing the transaction
  • Quantity of homes on their list they want to look at can sometimes be NUMEROUS! lol
  • Trust in their Realtor is huge
  • Realtors have to be considerate of the Mom & Dad accompaniment on showings and sometimes the offering process
  • Financial concerns are usually their biggest, and understandably so
  • Their time consumed looking at individual homes (time spent at ea one) are usually lengthier than other types of buyers
  • Sometimes, “pulling the trigger” to offer can be not so easy
  • Inspections performed after an accepted offer, usually provoke many questions during the process

Lastly, Since most First time buyers are of Generation Y/ they prefer texting as a way of communication.

What a great feeling as a Realtor to assist this type of Purchasers and get them into their home of choice!                    


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