Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 19, 2014

To do or not to do Open Houses

One of the age old questions in real estate is can an #Open House be beneficial to selling a home that a realtor has listed? My position as a 14 yr “veteran” as they say, is YES. Does it happen often/ no….but-

A #realtor‘s responsibility to their#Seller is to expose the home to as many potential Buyers, in the event to locate that one, that decides to put pen to paper and write-up an offer. In today’s technological world, when an #Open House is put in a newspaper, it also is syndicated to many websites, so it may catch the interest of a possible Client.

It also opens a neutral territory for a Customer & Real Estate agent where they can meet face to face. A potential Buyer can evaluate the Realtor as  a possible Buyer Rep for them if in fact they don’t have one at the time. Or the other side of the coin, a Customer may be looking to size up a realtor to list their home as well.

This 2 hr, commonly on Sunday event, may just pull in the potential Buyer that sees the sign on the corner, the one that had no intention in their day to look at a possible next residence. Maybe, the attendees at the Open know someone who is looking for a home comparable? if it’s not for them-

Reasoning on whether yes or no to Opens, could go on and on. Bottom line and simple, it’s another avenue of getting the home in front of a buyer!

Spring mkt is HOT! Have a great week-                        


























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