Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 10, 2014

Realtors- a different Breed

Ok, time to be a little boastful on the topic of my Profession and the individuals in it called Realtors. To be in this Biz called #real estate U need to have the personality trait of a person that likes to help persons!

Case in point, we r one of a kind being that we answer the phone at 10:00pm in the event there is a concern with our Clients.

Just this past week, I took my chain saw to a #Clients home to help cut up some branches that had fallen.

A #Realtor that I am currently doing a deal with located a rental that I had last yr and contacted me to see if it was a possibility for her  Client, to rent as the lease was probably at it’s end, as she couldn’t find them a home in a particular area to buy.

We assist our Customers in moving,  painting, child sitting,sometimes a “to vent to source”,the list goes on.

Why do we do these extra tasks? Because of our Career and what is in us as a Professional. Oh yeah, and it’s the RIGHT thing to do.

Have a great weekend!                    






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