Posted by: kgreenrealestate | April 30, 2014

Floor Time vs Open Houses

 In the career of a Realtor, there are many different avenues that a day’s time can be spent. The 2 topics in the subject heading are considered by some agents as “wasted time.”

I would beg to differ, as the phrase goes. Floor time or phone time in the office, is a necessity of responsibility to the Realtor’s office and co- agents. It could be a loooong 2 or 3 hrs, if in fact the phone doesn’t ring, which is unusual, especially in this Spring market that we r in. This time spending task,including the Open House, allows a busy agent, time to regroup,multi task, or just get THINGS done!

I have found these 2-3 hr spans, can be very productive……by simply planning. Of course, on the other side of the coin, an Agent might just get that next lead while being in either of these positions! A simple phone call or a potential Buyer walking into a public open house, for instance, could generate the next commission check, that us Self employed, non salary individuals strive for-

Persistence along with consistency, is the key to success in the Real Estate world. So, I wish all Co-Realtors Good Luck, and Have a Prosperous 2nd third of the yr!     Image 



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