Posted by: kgreenrealestate | April 26, 2014

Condo vs Home

In the many choices of housing, these 2 types of residences seemed to be the most compared. They both have their Pros/Cons in a buyers eyes.

Homes have outside maintenance/ Condos limited

Condos have HOA fees + taxes/ Homes only taxes

Some Condos, the association takes care of windows and doors, maintenance/re[placement that is

Homes offer more privacy(personal opinion) 

These are just some of the differences. I recently worked with a buyer that did just this comparison. I knew all along that condo was the better fit for him, but he wanted to check out the possibilities of houses, which i certainly understand. We did eventually locate the perfect condo for him and we are in the transaction at present.

A buyer should wave the plus/minus in choosing their best property. Both work fine, but the comfort zone within the Purchaser needs to be fulfilled!

On a personal note, I would be pleased in a condo as the outside work of a home and stable takes it’s toll on time and effort! Someday…..    






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