Posted by: kgreenrealestate | April 18, 2014

Learn, Learn, Learn

ImageAn intricate part of Life, in my opinion, is to educate yourself everyday. The role of a Realtor, especially, comes with a demand to do so in being successful.

Along this regard I went to a seminar the other day, on the topic of bamboo and the possible intrusion that occurs with bordering neighbors. There is a law that has been put in place  as of this past Oct because of the, again, possible nuisance that can occur.

It is Public Act No. 13-82 if u care to view the actual document. It was quite interesting the extent this seemingly harmless looking plant can perform. A Buyer and Buyer’s Agent should be alert when viewing properties, to possibly identify this possible problem. It was indicated that it is more prominent in more “moist” areas, but in fact it could occur anywhere.

Of course, as was stated in the meeting, if u don’t attend this type of seminar or self educate on these topics, u are unaware, and therefore, forewarned is forearmed, does not come into play. Being conscious and aware of your surroundings has always been a good trait to live by in my personal opinion…..

Wishing all a Happy Easter &  a great weekend!      


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