Posted by: kgreenrealestate | April 11, 2014

Interesting Stats/2013

Well,now that we r well into 2014 thought I’d share some National Statistics on the previous yr. provided from the National Ass of Realtors, on Sellers, that I found particularly interesting. 

  • Typical age of a Seller=53
  • Medium Income=97500
  • 77% were Married
  • 14% were single Females
  • 61% had no children living at home under age 18
  • 9 yrs was the avg time in present home before selling
  • Primary reasons for selling were 1)home to small 2)job relocation 3)wanted to move closer to friends/family 4)neighborhood decline 5)change in family situation
  • average distance moved was 18 miles
  • 88% used a Realtor
  • 9 % were for sale by owners

2014 seems to have started to be a banner year thus far with Rentals being very active from a personal point of view….

It’s a Great Life!



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