Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 31, 2014

Life thru a Realtor’s eyes/mind

I have often thought, does the average consumer understand the every day happenings of a Realtor? I had an unfortunate happening last week to prompt this blog post, I neglected to recall an appointment with an out of town Buyer.

I felt so bad after I received a text from said Buyer wondering when and where we were going to meet that evening to view home possibilities, and not being able to fulfill because of appointments I already had set up. I apologized profusely, but I don’t think it really made a difference as it was indicated she was going to contact another Realtor.  

What comes to mind are the following:  a ball juggler, plate spinner, a water dike “plugger”( plugging 1 hole only to realize another one is in need)  could all be a perfect evaluation of a Profession in Real Estate. I am not complaining or looking for sympathy, just trying to draw a map of a description of the blog title. 

Home Inspections/ appraisals/ seeking new business/contract dates/setting up appointments/closings/answering ph calls,emails,texts/& personal life obligations are all what occurs on a daily basis, in the successful Realtor’s life. As hectic as it sounds, I could not imagine doing anything else, as most Realtors would agree. It becomes an addiction, almost, to achieve all thrown at u in one day!!Image 

So, here’s to enjoyment of Life and all that it has to offer- to all out there……Happy April Fool’s Day!!                    


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