Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 12, 2014

person alities

Anyone that has an occupation that requires an everyday interaction with people will certainly attest that there are many different characters in the world. I believe that it is a great part of life to be able to interact with these different personalities. 

Case in point, was an experience I had this past weekend at an Open House. I was doing my regular Sunday PM activity of House sitting for a couple of hrs in the hopes for my seller that the right Buyer may walk thru the door. A couple walked into the home and I asked them to sign in please, as this is standard practice.

They indicated that they didn’t like to provide their info because of the fear of my follow up,and possible “chasing.” I replied to just please write their name and that would suffice. When I experience confrontational or non cooperative individuals in every day meetings, I consider it a challenge to get around that idiosyncrasy. 

Well, as the saying goes, “to make a long story short,” By the time they were ready to leave, I received all their contact info/ What a great feeling it is to turn a stand offish situation, 180 degrees, and develop trust enough to allow them to feel at ease to complete what I had asked them to do just 10-15 min ago! I am now set to show them other homes in the area as my Open wasn’t the one for them-Image

Life is Good  🙂              



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