Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 26, 2014

yr of rentals?

2014 has been certainly different  than past yrs. Seems like 75% of deals I’m involved with, have to do with rents/landlord or tenant sides.

It’s not just myself, as I have heard from other agents of the similarity. Number of reasons occur to have the volume of this type of transaction. Sellers wanting to sell and they cant get what is needed in $ so they rent their home out; Divorces forcing one of the spouses to locate housing; Credit scores not to the plateau needed to obtain a mortgage for purchase;and sometimes as simple as a homeowner just choosing to rent instead of paying a mortgage. 

Some agents prefer to not involve themselves with rentals, but I work them….I look at it as a lead generator in 2 ways, A Happy client may refer an Agent, and/or the potential renter may be in the position to buy, either immediately or a yr from now.

Either way- to use the words of a fellow Agent “I love being a Realtor” and Rents are a part of it!

It’s a Good Life!                               Image


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