Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 23, 2014

In a word- Proactiveness

Had a thought yesterday with regards to this “person of success” trait. Being in Sales, this adjective, action taking plays a big role. 

Funny though, it is not only assistant in Biz, but everyday life.For instance, I enhance the heating of my oil burning furnace home, with firewood. This winter in central CT has certainly been a challenge to say the least. Now, by not being Proactive enough, I find myself running short on my primary source of fuel- wood.

I relate it to animals, such as squirrels, gathering enough nuts for winter. If they don’t, well, they find themselves in the same dilemma.Life is full of choices,actions and consequences. Thinking and planning ahead  has definite advantages!

Happy last week of Feb! 🙂       





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