Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 12, 2014

home upkeep

When I go to an Home Inspection with my Buyer I almost always learn something new, even after 13+ yrs in the business and countless inspections! I always say–that is something I should look at in my own house……..

  • Ground grade sloping away from home to alleviate basement water problems
  • Gutter extensions to lead water away from home, there again to alleviate water issues
  • Ridge vents in roof to allow “breathing” of the home/attic
  • Probing the floor joists and outside sills for termite infestation or damage
  • Assure AC Unit is free debris, ie leaves, etc
  • Smoke detectors/carbon monoxide & GFCI’s in correct working order
  • Chimney properly pointed to prevent brick fall out or deterioration

These are just a few items that have concerned me, with my own residence. Preventative maintenance is the key, just like an auto. 10 dollars worth of effort and or materials could say $50+ down the road possibly. 

Pride of ownership is a great feeling as well! Nothing like the feeling of accomplishment when achieving these tasks

Happy Mid Feb! Can’t help but think, Spring is around the corner!                          


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