Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 7, 2014

Success is a frame of mind

I know the title sounds cliché, but I’ve only recently concluded to the fact that it is so TRUE. I have listened to and read many inspirational speakers and writers over the years, proposing this same mindset.

I first heard of this theory from a Gentleman named JR Ridinger when I was involved with an Internet Marketing company, years ago.  I can recall him “ranting” when a negative thought came into his head he would say CANCEL!

I’ve only recently starting using this philosophy. The Book “The Secret” promotes this as well as a number of speakers. Law Of Attraction, is certainly a rule to live by. Robert Kyosaki posted the other day on FB, not to say to urself I cant afford this but “How can I afford this?” If failure is not an option on the table, a person will find a way to achieve the goal, whether big or small.

 It certainly is not easy to maintain this process, but (no pun intended) if u put your mind to it, you will see that it is REAL!

Happy Friday!                  





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