Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 6, 2014

My “get organized” resolution of 2014

One of the ideas I had this yr is to be more proactive in organization of my real estate biz & personal life, including operating a Horse Riding/ Boarding facility. In this hurry up and cram as much in society we r presently in, it’s very easy to lose things thru the “cracks”.

I thought I’d pass on ideas in the hopes of maybe helping someone else finding themselves in an unorganized state as I am/was. One of my priorities first thing in the am is my TO DO list. I’ve done this for quite sometime, keeps one on track and sets the priorities of the day.

New this yr I have instituted writing EVERYTHING down in ONE spot. Being in the real estate business, letting a lead fall by the wayside can cost thousands of $, and besides it’s not good business practice to lose that contact.  We all have done it,writing a name ,ph number,address down, on a pc of paper and then low and behold- the info magically disappears!

Utilizing today’s technology- talk to text, voice recording for later retrieval, calendar settings on the ph with reminder pop ups are some that are great, in prohibiting lost items of value! Who knows what is coming down the pike for further technology, but I’m certainly looking forward to it! Anything that can make a chaotic life, less hectic- I’m there!   🙂

Simple info as this is/ it’s working!

Happy 6 more weeks of winter, according to Phil!                     





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