Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 2, 2014

Helping People

In this world we come across many different personalities, nationalities, and shapes, sizes of individuals. I’ve indicated this before that one of Life’s Blessings is meeting, interacting with these- different people. 

Another divine opportunity we have as Humans is helping others. A Realtor’s inner “make up” has to have this quality for him/her to enjoy their Profession and by enjoying- they are successful.  

Speaking from a personal experience, point of view(who what have thought, seeing as though I’m blogging this, LOL) I thoroughly am thrilled to assist in ways that I can, with people I interact with. It gives me a sense of being, and accomplishment. 

You never know what someone might be going thru personally, or what their capabilities are, by lending a hand to them, what a great opportunity to have? Of course, the problem with this “helping people” scenario, is that some individuals want something in return. 

I like the saying “if someone doesn’t have a smile, give them yours!” This goes along the same lines, of giving without expecting. You just may MAKE someone’s day by doing so! 

Happy Groundhog’s Day! Looking forward to Spring!                                   


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