Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 28, 2014

Anyone remember “The Price is Right?”

Great TV Game show for sure! I relate the subject line to Real Estate and Sellers a Realtor might work with. As most things in sales and life- it all comes down to the bottom line.

Correct pricing on a property is very important, especially when it is a newly Listed home. If you start too high, the Realtor and the Seller often times, ends up “chasing the market” with regards to getting it to the that magic price range, that attracts a buyer showing and of course an OFFER!

A Seller’s Agent job is to get the most $ for the home in the shortest marketing time frame. This can be achieved accurately when it starts in the correct “spot” with current market conditions. So many times, A Seller will say to a Realtor, I need some wiggle room for negotiating, so let’s start a little higher. My usual reply is- u Mr/Mrs Seller are in the drivers seat and if u don’t like the offered price, u certainly do not need to accept! I’d much rather start the pricing at where THE MARKET says it will sell…….

To coin a phrase- the market isn’t always kind but it is always correct!                                       




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