Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 24, 2014

sellers who want to sell- on their own

I thought I would put out some thoughts on FSBO’s, as they r referred to in the Realtor world. Just some recommendations or suggestions if in fact you may be one or know someone that is or r thinking of becoming one.

Be careful who you let thru your home for a viewing, be sure to ask questions such as: are u pre qualified for a mortgage, are u renting now or do u own? etc. It feeds you with info on whom you are dealing with, to a certain degree.

Pretty basic, but be sure your home is “standing tall” when it is shown- the old adage that u only have one chance for a first impression holds a lot of weight! Personal info, pics should be limited, in view.

Home needs to be priced right in order for it to attract potential Buyers, so homework needs to be done prior to marketing the property. Be sure to point out attributes to the house as being shown, as it may not be blatant to the buyer.

Of course, my suggestion, is to hire a Realtor, as this is what we do and then some when representing a Seller. We take the emotional attachment out of selling the house that you would naturally have, which assists in the marketing and eventually selling of the property.

The Spring market of 2014 should prove to be very active as indications are just that, at present. With the present COLD in place, everyone is looking forward to Spring, real estate and otherwise!  LOL                     




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