Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 14, 2014

Rentals, renting & Landlording

Within the recent month, I have been involved with the rental market on the Listing sides. Unfortunately, with the balloon mkt in ’06ish, clients that I sold homes to, for whatever reason want to sell. I can’t get the value for them that will make sense so we opt to rent the property out instead, to cover expenses.

This real estate area, involves much more than meets the eye. As I’ve experienced many inquiries to a home rent I have listed, but credit scores seem to be an ongoing deterrent to my client/ seller/ landlord. Many renters rent simply because their credit history won’t allow a mortgage,

Other deterrent= pets that accompany most renters. Most clients initially do not want to entertain pets into their home, but it has become more apparent that it is going to be a realism, as the % of tenants with, vs without, is higher.

Deterrent number 3- quantity of people occupying the home/ condo. When a base rent per month cost is determined, the initial thoughts are that it may be a couple with a child, or a single person occupying. Most times this is not the case & of course, more people equates to more wear and tear,more water consumption, etc.

On a POSITIVE note though, I recently listed a condo, and was rented within a week of hitting the mkt to the perfect renter! Works for renter and landlord/ both are very happy.

In stating that it involves more than meets the eye,a person can see why this is true. Like anything else in Life though, persistence pays dividends and where there is a will there is a way- Have a great Mid January!                         


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