Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 8, 2014

2 offers by same Buyer Client

This past yr I was involved with a couple transactions that the Buyer(s) opted to “roll the dice” and put simultaneous offers in on two different properties. It can get tricky to say the least…..but can be done just the same. I have always the same apprehension when entering into these, the uncommon happening of both offers being accepted! LOL 

I, of course, advise the Buyer that this is a possibility. We also disclose on the offers that we are, in fact, putting multiple offers in, so all are aware. I have used the verbiage that whichever offer is accepted or counteroffered first is the one that we will work with. It has worked out in both cases, to my Buyer’s advantage, I might say.

I write this Blog because I have been asked more than once, by potential Buyer Clients, if this is something that is viable to do. Especially in the world of Short sales, this could be something seriously considered, because of the extended time frame that is associated with them.

Happy New Yr!            


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