Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 2, 2014

What’s on the Housing horizon for 2014?

Based on the 2013 stats, looks like we are in an upward trend! For instance, Central Ct (Meriden, Wallingford, Southington) the second half of the yr realized an increase in sales when comparing Jan to June vs June to Dec.  NAR/ National Ass of Realtors most recent Headline reads that home sales decline in Nov, but strong price gains continue…..but goes on to say that this was the first time in 29 months that sales were below yr ago levels. 

Interest rates continue to be in the low 4’s and indications are they will continue that way in this new yr. I have heard in speaking with people about Real estate, that there is an understanding that it is harder to get a mortgage these days, because of the mortgage crisis a few yrs back. I have to honestly say that I have not experienced that, yes, the lenders are more intense on their paperwork of Clients and may ask for some “crazy” info at times, but generally, in my experience, the mortgage is granted, if they provide info in a timely manner.

I’m proud to say that 2013 has been my best yr yet, being in the business since 2000! I sincerely believe that 2014 will be a great year in general, in the housing market. 

Good Luck and enjoy the snow if u are a North easterner!           


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