Posted by: kgreenrealestate | December 30, 2013

new yr/ new home?

I have come across the question from a prospective Buyer- How do I go about purchasing a home? I have included some bullets below to provide a snapshot –

  • idealize what is needed/wanted in a residence/ ie; beds, baths, garage, etc.
  • speak with a Mortgage officer to educate oneself about programs and what is affordable
  • Locate a real estate agent, by referral is best or internet search
  • Start the process!

It can be very exciting to locate the “spot” a person(s) can call their HOME. The time frame varies depending on the particulars of what is out in the mkt for choices. Of course, the only way to get all needed/wanted is to build from scratch, but most Clients can locate something that can be turned into their utopia with time. Rentals are generally up in cost and with interest rates where they currently are, Mortgages make more sense. Have a Happy, New & Prosperous Year!                        


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