Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 6, 2013

Client service

Just closed on a home for a  Customer who became a Client last week that has kind of unusual “meet up” to it, so thought I’d share. I met this individual thru showing a home to a Client that I was actually working with. I was out in the front yard conversing with my Client about the home I had finished up showing about his thoughts. This Customer drove up and began to look around the outside and asked if I was a Realtor and would I show it to her? I asked my Client if it was ok as it was on his time. He was OK with it so I proceeded to show the home after a quick signing of a buyer rep form, of course, exclusive to that home.

Well, the rest is history, that home and 3 others that we viewed, were not the PURCHASED home that we closed on but just the same, it was a Client that I would never had the opportunity to service, if I didn’t take the action that I did! It goes to show you (in my opinion) that if you take time with people and do RIGHT by them, it will return you the favor-   🙂

Don’t forget to Spring forward this weekend!



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