Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 27, 2013

24 hr Realtor?

Just back from a fresh vacation, I can really feel the difference in my motivation, outlook and overall vision into the future of my real estate biz. I will be the first to say and I’m sure other fellow Realtors will agree, that it is a profession that is very different from all others, in that you are never really 100% off.

I have to say though that I have seriously got much better in handling a vacation like a vacation. The normal used to be I would take my “work” with me and it was almost always a working vacation. I guess that I have learned that you can let go for a bit, especially when you can feel confident that someone else can pick up the ball and run with it when you leave.

Oh, of course, I was on my email and phone from time to time, but the key words are time to time……why do I blog about this? Because I am certain,that I am not the only one in the world that has “suffered” from this syndrome. Whether it is a Realtor or any other profession, we all need a disconnect from our careers.

I wish everyone success as we approach the 30 days prior to the first qtr of 2013/ time flies! as does life, take time to enjoy-           



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