Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 1, 2013

Homeownership And The Social Impact On Children

Many of us have seen the positive impact of owning a home with adults, but have you ever thought of the effect on children? Does homeownership create stability and a sense of community? Can it impact how well children do in school?

A study by the National Association of Realtors cites the following in their latest research, “Social Benefits Of Homeownership And Stable Housing” Report:

  • Lower teen pregnancy by children’s living in owned homes
  • Higher student test scores by children living in owned homes
  • Higher rate of high school graduation, thereby higher earnings
  • Children more likely to participate in organized activities and have less television screen time
  • Homeowners take on a greater responsibility such as home maintenance and acquiring the financial skills to handle mortgage payments and those skills transfer to their children
  • Lower teenage delinquencies
  • General increase in a positive outlook to life
  • Better health outcomes, better physical and psychological health
  • Family financial situation and housing tenure during childhood and adulthood, impacted one’s self-rated health (in particular, the socioeconomic disadvantaged indicated by not being able to save any money or not owning or purchasing a home are less likely to self-rate their health as excellent or very good).
  • Less likely to become crime victims

The N.A.R. research concludes that positive behavioral characteristics of homeowners, life management skills, stability, and the reduced financial stress involved with homeownership also contribute to a child’s success.


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