Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 30, 2013

Selling in Colder Months

While the warmer months are generally regarded as the time for home sellers to get their property ready for sale, marketing the home in winter and early spring is just as important. Homebuyers are out looking for homes 12 months a yr and there’s no reason to drop the ball on sprucing up a home Dec thru March.

Tips for selling in the winter months:

HEAT IT UP: If u r planning an Open House or have showings scheduled, turn up the thermostat and make the home warm and inviting. A cold home shopper will race thru a house and start questioning the windows and insulation.

LIGHT IT UP: For homes with fireplaces, this is the perfect opportunity to show the opportunity to show the potential buyer how cozy a fireplace can be.

TAKE CARE OF SNOW AND ICE: For those selling in heavy wintry climates, make sure that the walk is clear, the driveway is shoveled and put down salt to control any icy surfaces. If a buyer pulls up to the house and has to slush thru inches of snow, they may not even bother to enter. For those who aren’t currently living in the home that is for sale, make sure to hire someone to clear it.

USE PHOTOGRAPHS: If u have a beautiful lawn, stellar landscaping or an outdoor pool or deck, many times these are quickly overlooked or passed by because of snow. Take some eye-catching photos of these amenities during the warm months and display them during a winter showing so buyers can get a better understanding of what the outside truly offers.

SCHEDULE OPEN HOUSES: There are still many who don’t believe that selling in the winter is a good idea, so it’s a great time to take advantage of less competition. Many serious buyers often come out during the winter months, including corporate clients who usually need to relocate within the first qtr of the yr.

EMPHASIZE THE POSITIVES: Does ur street get plowed quickly? Is it near public transportation to make it easier to get to work in the snow? Is it within walking distance of stores? Does it have a great hill for the kids to sled down in a safe environment? If so, accentuate these features.

Since a lot of people are waiting until spring to put their home on the mkt, having a home ready in winter is a great way to beat the rush.




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