Posted by: kgreenrealestate | January 9, 2013

Short Reflection/2012

So, we r into a new yr and entrepreneurs such as myself look to see what last yr taught them. Mistakes or I like to call them errors (doesn’t sound as bad, in my opinion) are made to learn from. We actually brought this topic up in our weekly meeting so we could ALL learn from others experiences, and I have to say it was enlightening.

I have to say, if I had to draw a single thought from the entire yr., it would be to pay more attention to details and ask more questions. Case in point, I showed a few homes to a buyer and it came out in conversation that she was in a rent and lease wasn’t up till Aprilish, so I informed her that she really is looking to early as it was around Sept. She understood and I told her I would contact her after the new yr which I did only to find out that she purchased with another Agent! I guess in hindsight, I should have pressed her on the thought of carrying a rent and a mortgage till the lease was up. Lesson learned

Details are a great asset in the biz of RE, to say the least. GOOD LUCK to all Co Realtors in 2013, which I believe is going to be a great yr!             


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