Posted by: kgreenrealestate | November 12, 2012

Marketing- what’s the best avenue?

With all the possibilities in this current world of high tech, an Entrepreneur has to wonder what is the best way or ways of getting your “word” out there?

With Social Media being what it is today and in the upcoming future, it is certainly a valid & quick opportunity, to get info published/distributed.

Print advertising is almost extinct, although there are still reasons to use it, under certain circumstances.

Email blasts, including ecards, are an effective way of exposing your business and what it has to offer, to numerous consumers.

Networking and word of mouth, one of the oldest forms of marketing, is still a terrific way of building/expanding.

What about webinars? for certain business models, this is a proven way to provide much info to a vast audience all around the world! kind of cool, when u think about it…

Obtaining cell phone numbers in order to TEXT info to an audience is an admirable way to market, as it is instantaneous exposure to the recipient and has been said that it will exceed emailing because of

Media advertising certainly hits a large number but very costly, of course.

I, myself, like to utilize a variety of these. If I had to pick out my most ROI though, in the 12/13 yrs in the real estate biz, it would be the old fashion word of mouth, networking idea. It may not be as quick and number reaching as others but nothing contains more meaning than a face to face conversation, or being referred by someone, because of their trust!

Happy Hunting!                                 







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