Posted by: kgreenrealestate | October 23, 2012

Is it the Realtor’s role?

Just ran into a situation with a new Client- she is a VA buyer, which needs a pretty “clean” house in order to pass the appraisal process. My experience as a 13 yr “veteran” in real estate, told me that the home she chose to put an offer in on, wasn’t a VA friendly home, condition wise.

Just the same, she loved the home, and wanted to pursue the offer. I called the other agent and he indicated that the Seller was in the position and mindset that he would fix or alter anything that came up at the time of inspection/appraisal. The long and the short of the tale is that it didn’t get to the appraisal part of the transaction, as the home inspection was enough deterrent.

As mentioned, I had a gut feeling, that was going to be the case with the home. I needed to refrain my comments though because of her “could see the potential” out look. A Realtor’s position, in my opinion, is that we work for the Client, so what the Client wants, the Client gets, as they say.

My thought/question, within my mind, is one such, should I have been more pressing on what I saw was the upcoming potential issues with the home, or let the cards fall in place as they did? I feel content with my decision that I carried out, so I guess that is the important thing as a gut feeling is usually the best one!             


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