Posted by: kgreenrealestate | September 30, 2012

Communication/ not a thing of the past

Recently, I have run into situations in my real estate career that have prompted me to this posting. Communication is a key element in life in general, more importantly in business.

Case in point, Sellers primarily, like to have a correspondence with their Realtor more often than most Realtors do, myself included. When Realtors are working with Buyers the constant contact is already there as it is required to get the deal to closing. Selling/ Listing a home on the other hand does not require that until the time of an offer is in place.

Emailing, texting, are great but still doesn’t take the place of the old fashion voice to voice conversation. In my recent experiences, it has hit me that I can do, and will do, a better job of communicating, as it is simply the RIGHT thing to do.

Happy October! Enjoy the Fall!       


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