Posted by: kgreenrealestate | September 13, 2012

How does on get into Real estate?


Listening to the webinar last week on boot camp training, poising the question, how did u get started in real estate? I began to wonder how many similarities there were out there in regards to the answer to that question. I certainly know how I began which was a suggestion from a Boarder at the time in out stable, who was a Realtor that I would be good at it based on what she knew about me. So, I said OK, what the hey and gave it a shot. I did it part time for a yr and a half and then was introduced to a pink slip from my full time work and decided to go into it full force- best decision I ever made and wished I had gone into it earlier in life!


Having that said, I’m sure many other Realtors, “fell” into this Career as well. As Floyd Wickman, has stated comically, you don’t make a decision at an early age(most people) that you are going  to be a full time Realtor! LOL  Whether it be a corporate lay off, wanting to run your own business, or possibly many other, Life altering changes, there are many reasons why people get involved in this Profession.


With beginning my 13th yr as of Sept 1, I have had some very memorable experiences in my career as I’m sure most will attest to, that have had the opportunity to survive in this field. I’m guessing that most Realtors, given the choice, would not work at anything else. The freedom and the experience of helping people on a constant basis has rewards that go beyond words. Zig Ziglar: you can get everything you want out of life if you just help enough people get what they want– Great Analogy, for sure.


Happy Autumn to all & Thank you for reading my post “homework” on how I got started in real estate!








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