Posted by: kgreenrealestate | August 17, 2012

Don’t spend the Commission till it closes

Every Realtor knows the story- we run thru a transaction, we r informed that it will close next week, and then we get the call or email indicating NO it’s not! It is very frustrating to say the least, but not more frustrating that it is to the Client. After all, they have spent money on inspections, appraisals, and geared their life towards that goal. A positive spin on this is that the Client has realized that u as their Realtor has done everything that could possibly b done to make it happen and for this, most times, they r truly thankful. Thankful Clients lead to more referrals and not only that, by keeping in touch with them, there may b a time down the road that they can/will purchase, so I chalk it up to “next yrs business.” With this Career/Profession, a successful Realtor HAS to have the NEVER GIVE UP attitude. If u let it get u down that u have not completed the task, u r only hurting yourself, especially if u know in your heart u did everything possible to make it complete. Some things in business as in life r just not meant to b. This Profession requires many “irons in the fire” to combat such described happenings. I want to wish all Sales people, Realtors and alike GOOD LUCK! Remember though as I was told in one of the many seminars I have attended/ Luck equals when preparation meets opportunity!


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