Posted by: kgreenrealestate | June 30, 2012

Short Sales r everywhere

In the current real estate mkt the phrase short sale is certainly a predominate one! When u r a Buyer’s Agent you cant help but run into them. My philosophy on them is that they r here to stay for a while so accept the challenges that come with them and look at it as  another opportunity in the Entrepreneurial world of a Realtor.

Buyers can certainly stand to gain as they may b able to “land” a home at well under the market value if they are patient. That seems to be the key word- patience. Given the fact that an average response time from a lender is a minimum of 90 days on an offer of a short sale home, one needs to have this characteristic in their person!

I am currently assisting several Sellers in this predicament. Good Realtors have the trait of enjoying the task of helping people. I feel the need personally to assist, as a lot of them are past Clients of mine, that unfortunately have fallen victim to a declining market. It’s not easy, but then again, anything in this life worthwhile isn’t!

Happy 4th!        


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