Posted by: kgreenrealestate | June 22, 2012

How’s the Real Estate Market?

A known Realtor in his/her area often has this question poised to them. I always reply BUSY– why? because it is all from point of view. For instance, if you are involved with several transactions, you are busy. If you are not then You are busy looking for new leads, new ways of marketing possibly, touching your sphere(this should be done all the time), & reorganizing, to make yourself more efficient.

When I began this Career some 13 yrs ago, an experienced Realtor said to me that this is not a “job” it is a way of life- no truer words spoken. Unless you’ve experienced this Profession, it is hard to explain. A successful individual or team is/are never “off” and we weave our personal lives and interests around our Careers.

Real Estate has always been a good form of investment and in a mkt such as this, it is extremely true. Purchasers, Investors, first time buyers are all set to position themselves greatly with real estate.

I wish fellow Realtors a BUSY Summer season & good luck in all your transactions!  🙂                            



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