Posted by: kgreenrealestate | June 15, 2012

But it’s only a $500 commision on a rent…..

The rental mkt being what it is in this current time, is certainly an active part of the business. Last yr, it was active,also, and I believe I ended up doing 7-8 transactions, which add up over qty. Yes, the payoff in the end, with today’s gas prices, might pay for a couple of tank fulls! You know what, SO WHAT-

Realtor’s ethical standards dictate that the Clients needs/ wants should come first, and if that happens to be a rental, we should honor it. I have built some great relationships with Renters, that may some day turn into Buyers or at the very least, a source of referrals.

We have often been told by Mentors/Managers and Gurus of the Biz, that you never know where your next lead or sale is going to come from and it is so very true. So, when an Agent(not to many BTW, in my experiences) declares- not enough in the commission for my efforts, they may in fact may be passing up an avenue of opportunities that could be born from that LOW commission. Happy Selling to all Realtors- Summer Mkt is upon us!                 


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