Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 10, 2012

5 tips for a GREEN ( no pun intended) Home & Save $

In this present economy, everyone is trying to save a penny wherever possible. With these tips, u can save and also be pro active in the environment!

1- Change ur light bulbs/ from incandescent to compact fluorescent can save u up to $100/yr on bills, while using 75% less energy

2- Use Energy Star qualified appliances/ they use less energy which is good for the pocketbook and the environment

3- Seal up Leaks/ they are costly in relation to allowing heat/AC to escape. It is suggested to use silicone sealants as they r waterproof and won’t shrink

4- Utilize Less Water/ install low flow toilets, shower heads & faucets. Also, replace leaky ones as a slow drip can cost many $ over a yr

5- Adjust thermostat/by lowering the temp by one degree can save. Programmable thermostats are efficient and convenient. Utilizing ceiling fans circulate the air to help cool as well as heat a home.           


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