Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 8, 2012

Perseverance & Consistency

In the Biz of real estate these 2 words are very important not only to a Realtor, but a Realtor’s Clients, as well. In thinking over my last couple of Closings, the Clients had looked for quite some time, with no luck on locating their place of residency. Then, when it was found, sometimes losing the offer, occurred.

But, as in most of Life’s experiences, giving up, is not the answer. I have often relayed to a Client that when the latter occurs(losing the offer to someone else) it was not meant to be, and they almost always end up with a more satisfying home than the one they lost out on!

Purchasing Real estate is one of the most important choices a person or couple can make in a Lifetime. My involvement in their experience is a Great feeling and absolutely rewarding! 2012 so far, has been a terrific yr, and I strongly believe it will end up as a proven yr to “jump” into home ownership. Happy House Hunting!                           


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