Posted by: kgreenrealestate | May 2, 2012

Inspections in the home Buying process

Part of the process in buying real estate is having an inspection by a Licensed Professional. In the almost 13 yrs that I have been involved in this industry, I almost never come out of one of these without learning something new! Being a homeowner myself for 26 yrs, I can certainly relate to some of the issues brought up, in my own home.

It is certainly money well spent, whether it is a Buyer or a pre list Seller that engages in the task. If  not for the reason (Buyer) of pointing out deficiencies, it is educational, as a good Inspector will point out preventative maintenance that should be done to prevent costly occurrences dn the road.

Unfortunately a few Buyers I have worked with(not many, though) see this as a way to get “more out of the seller” and I try to advise them that fairness on both sides is usually what makes a deal work. Most times, issues can be ironed out if realism is part of the mindsets.

So far this yr, it has been proven that the real estate mkt will be a good one in 2012. With the first third of the yr already pass, the future looks bright, as appraisals r hitting marks and actually over appraising in my experience! Happy House Hunting to Buyers and Good Luck with all your inspection issues!     🙂                       


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