Posted by: kgreenrealestate | March 28, 2012

But I Need to Get X amount states the Seller


    Any Listing Agent knows and has heard these words from a Seller. I NEED to get $_______ before I am willing to sell. Of course, what is NEEDED, and what is realistic can occur more times than we Realtors would like to think about. I often find myself telling Mr/Mrs Seller that I realize your needs, but the truth is I prefer to be upfront and through facts and figures provide a figure that will allow the home to attract Buyers, and in fact, sell in a reasonable time. Because you see, if it takes us as a team to sell your home, longer, than the documented statistics in your price point area, it costs you extra because of the $ it takes to own/maintain said home for the extended period. Not to mention, it prohibits you as a seller to obtain your goals which is the reason you wanted to sell in the first place….. Being a Realtor is certainly challenging, this situation being one of many. But, I, like many,in the field thrive on challenges or we wouldn’t be in such a Profession! Good Luck to all fellow realtors in the Spring Mkt!!                    


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