Posted by: kgreenrealestate | February 13, 2012


Working by referral is the best way to operate a real estate business. What a great feeling it is to have someone’s trust to the extent of allowing u to assist their friend, relative, etc. in buying or sellling. It gives a Realtor an already established relationship with the new person thru the referee. Brian Buffini is a mentor of mine, and I have faithfully practiced his methodolgy of doing business. As he indicates. his philosophy can be practiced in any service business, not just real estate. When a deal “closes” it’s not the end, but actually the very beginning of a Life Long friendship/relatonship that I have with many of my past Clients. To b involved with their families, see their children grow and everyday changes in their life is a terrific experience. I sincerly believe I have had the success in my business due to the “common sense” rule of appreciating ALL referrals. A small gesture as a Thank You card arriving in their mail the very next day of supplying your name to someone, says to them, you TRULY appreciate their trust & loyalty.


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